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Different Types of Academy Chains

There are three options for schools considering conversion as part of a chain.

  1. A Multi-Academy Trust is the term to describe an organisation with a single shared governing body which governs more than one school.
  2. An Umbrella Trust is a partnership between schools in which each have their own governing body. It is possible for different types of schools (i.e. community, voluntary aided, voluntary controlled and foundation) to collaborate together in an Umbrella Trust.
  3. A Collaborative Partnership is the most informal grouping and allows schools to work together without being formally accountable to other schools in the chain.

The Government is keen to encourage chains because they regard this collaboration between local schools as the key factor in a sustained improvement in school performance - particularly for ‘weaker’ schools in the chain.

Each school in a chain (irrespective of whether they are entering a Multi-Academy Trust, an Umbrella Trust or a Collaborative Partnership), will be entitled to a grant of £25,000 from the Department for Education to help with conversion costs. The grants can be pooled to support the whole chain, although they don’t have to be.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of being part of a chain of academies, please contact Andrew Clark on 01202 786600.




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